Avocado – A Superfood Worthy of the Title

Learn All About the Endless Benefits of Extra Virgin Avocado Oil

Avocados are considered one the healthiest foods on Earth, so it’s no surprise they produce the healthiest cooking oil you can find anywhere. To understand what makes avocado oil the healthiest cooking oil on the planet, you need to understand what makes avocados so great for you!

Filled With Healthy Fat

Avocados contain the most fat of any fruit, but this is not a bad thing! The mono-unsaturated fat found in avocados are great for your heart and cholesterol levels. This results in avocado oil having the highest level (76%) of mono-unsaturated fat when compared to any other edible oils.

Avocados have also been found to help regulate your blood pressure. They are packed with potassium (four times more than bananas!) and magnesium which help maintain safe blood pressure levels.

One Amazing Cooking Oil

Deriving a cooking oil from one of the healthiest fruits on Earth is one way to break the mold in the kitchen. Avocado oil is essentially the fat pressed of avocados (remember that healthy fat from earlier?) making it the healthiest cooking oil you will find anywhere.

While avocado might seem similar in look and feel to other cooking oils it is worlds apart in terms of versatility and nutrition. Avocado oil has been found to fight heart disease, cancer, and signs of aging – it also cooks at a higher temperature than other olive oils!

How does avocado oil protect you? Research has shown that avocado oil helps eliminate rouge oxygen molecules and repair the damage caused by them, which include broken down cell membranes, protein molecules, and DNA. Extra Virgin Avocado oil also contains up to four times more beta-sitosteral than olive oil which further helps fight against heart disease, poor cholesterol, and weak immune systems.

Are You Ready to Harness the Power of the Avocado?

Now that you’ve seen how extra virgin avocado oil is the healthiest cooking oil you can find, it’s time to take the first step toward cooking healthier.

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