About Amerilo’s Avocado Oil

The Healthy Alternative

Amerilo’s Extra Virgin Avocado Oil is, simply put, the healthiest cooking oil you will find anywhere.

We found a way to introduce the endless health benefits of avocados to our customers in a unique way – cooking oil. You will not find a higher concentration of essential vitamins in any other oil. In addition to ample amounts of vitamins A, E, and D, avocado oil is packed with monounsaturated fats and potassium as well.

High Quality Is Our Goal

Our extra-virgin, cold pressed avocado oil is of the absolute highest quality – we source only hand picked organic avocado's. Amerilo’s Avocado Oil is also certified organic, non-GMO and 100% vegan. Avocado oil can cook at a very high heat. It’s smoke point (255°C/491°F) makes it an extremely versatile tool that chefs of all levels will want in their kitchens.

Our extra virgin avocado oil is unrefined and cold pressed at a temperature below 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Most avocado oils that are currently on the market are refined which strip the avocado oil of valuable nutrients such as chlorophyll. Refined avocado oil typically goes through a bleaching process in addition to a steam heat purification at 350 degrees that produces a clear, tasteless oil.

At Amerilo’s, we only produce pristine avocado oil. Our commitment to doing one thing – and doing it right – has afforded us the chance to perfect our product. You will buy our avocado oil knowing it was crafted by experts who handle, study, and experiment with avocados every day.

Each one of our 8.45 fl oz bottles contains roughly twenty avocados.


Non-GMO Project

USDA Organic     Non GMO     Gluten Free     Cold Pressed     Vegan     No Trans-Fats     No Additives     No Preservatives     Sodium Free     Paleo Friendly     Cholesterol Free

We Hope You Love Our Avocado Oil

We are a family-run business with a plan to promote the use of healthy extra virgin avocado oil. We strive to provide an alternative to oils that are high in saturated fat, full of chemicals, and GMO's. We know that our oil is the most versatile and healthiest edible oil in the world!

When you combine superb quality and a healthy product, everybody wins.