Superfoods Produce
Super Cooking Oil

The secret is out about avocados:
they’re amazing. We thought such
an amazing fruit could be the
source of even more amazing
cooking oil. Amerilo's Organic
Avocado Oil is great for stir frying,
grilling, sautéing, marinades, salad
dressings, and bread dip.

What Makes Avocados
So Super?

Learn more about one of the
healthiest foods on Earth.

More Than Plain Old
Cooking Oil

There’s more than meets then eye when
it comes to our awesome oil!

Bring Amerilo’s Avocado
Oil to Your Kitchen

Find the nearest store carrying our
healthy cooking oil!

Our extra virgin avocado oil is of the highest possible quality – we haven’t cut any corners to bring you the good stuff:

USDA Organic     Non GMO     Gluten Free     Cold Pressed     Vegan     No Trans-Fats     No Additives     No Preservatives     Sodium Free     Paleo Friendly    Cholesterol Free